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Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy
You may enter the consultation that you have booked in the period ten (10) minutes before and/or after the scheduled start time. For example, if you have a 50-minute session booked at 3pm, you may arrive and start the consultation as late as 3.10pm or wait in the lobby from 2:50pm, but no later. If, you have booked a 50-minute session and you do not arrive within the first ten (10) minutes of the start of the session you will be considered missed and charged for the session in full.

You may cancel any booking you have made by following the cancellation link on the email confirmation you received when booking your appointment or from within your appointments screen from the mobile app. When your cancellation is successful you will receive an email from to that effect and see an on-screen message confirming the cancellation; if you do not receive the cancellation email and see the on-screen message then you must either try again or email us

You accept that is not responsible and will accept no liability for any costs, expenses or losses arising from your failure properly to cancel any consultation. You accept that failure to cancel an appointment may lead to you being charged a session cancellation fee (see below) for an appointment (or appointments) that you failed to cancel, subject to sole discretion.

Missed appointments occur when either you or your therapist is not present in the video session by the start time, and up to ten (10) minutes, of an appointment confirmed by connectedminds. In these instances, you understand and agree that the following rules apply:

  1. If you fail to attend your appointment in time, then you will be charged a cancellation fee of the full cost of the consultation as displayed on the mobile application for each missed appointment. For example, if you had booked an Appointment comprising one (1) 50-minute sessions and failed to attend, the cancellation fee would be for the full cost of the 50-minute appointment you had booked.

  2. If you cancel your appointment twenty-four (24) hour or more before its start time you benefit from FREE CANCELLATION and you will not be charged a cancellation fee. If you cancel within twenty-four hour you will be deemed to have missed your appointment and you will be liable to pay the cancellation fee, which will be the full amount of the appointment charge.

  3. If you reschedule your appointment 2 hour or more before its start time you benefit from FREE RESCHEDULING and you will not be charged a rescheduling fee. Appointments cannot be rescheduled within two hours of the due time. If you schedule your appointment two (2) hour or more before the start time you benefit from FREE RESCHEDULING at no additional fee.

  4. You acknowledge that is authorised under these Terms and Conditions to deduct such amounts from your debit/credit card used to confirm the appointment booking you made.

  5. You need to wait in your virtual lobby for up to 10 mins from the scheduled start time. If your therapist does not join in the first 10 mins from your scheduled start time you qualify for a full refund. We will refund in full the charge made on your debit/credit card at the time of your booking.

The aforementioned rescheduling and cancellation limits might be changed in the future as sees fit to ensure the best experience for both therapists and users, both users and therapists will be notified through email about any changes in our rescheduling or cancellation policies and the platform rules will be updated accordingly to enforce/implement the new rules.