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Invest in yourself and your team by hosting our specially curated workshops to strengthen their relationships, raise resilience, and increase success.

Our global team of experts will provide your team with tools at their disposal to accomplish their objectives without compromising on their wellness.

Workshop Experience:

At CONNECTEDMINDS, we believe in encouraging participants to grow emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

Our Workshops are structured to help leaders and teams:

  Build leadership and management abilities

  Enhance productivity at work

  Boost employee morale

  Decrease absenteeism

  Allow work-life balance

  Improve communication

  Foster job satisfaction

Our experienced psychologists conduct these workshops in an interactive and participative manner with the help of audio-visual aid to offer multi-sense modalities. These are 30-minutes* ‘live’ webinars undertaken exclusively for your employees, accompanied by an interactive round.

Choose us because:

Join us for our specially curated programs catering to both individuals within the field of psychology and outside. Spend time with our psychologists to look at topics from their unique point of views and experiences.

  Tailor-made wellness workshops to fit the needs of your organisation.

  Access to a range of mental health experts worldwide

  Cater to diverse categories of employees, including couples, women, pregnant mothers, children of employees, specific working groups etc.

  Access over 200+ self-help tools, including guides, posts, podcasts and articles.

  Our workshops are a safe, inclusive and interactive space to foster better understanding and growth in the employees

  We only offer virtual webinars but can customise the time duration and pattern specific to your organisation’s needs

Your employees deserve the best mental well-being

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